Important Tips to Ensure Business Traveler Safety

Travel safety remains the biggest concern across the world. Most business travelers think that they travel smart, but reality is quite different. Bad guys are always out there with a plan to target them. Here is the list of survival tips for smart travelers:

Stay Informed: A little research about your destination, before you visit, helps you to avoid common dangers or threats that may arise during your stay. Every county in the US has crime stats. So you can check prior to your visit and make yourself aware of possible threats and be prepared accordingly.

Learn Some Safety Skills: These include learning some survival tactics for a businessperson who travels across remote places and between civilized areas. You can join training courses related to self-defense that can help you immensely, whenever you’re faced with a devastating situation.

Carry a Dummy Wallet: While traveling, carry a dummy wallet containing just 10-20 dollars along with a few expired credit cards that make it look genuine, if you are confronted by a robber. It will make your attacker think that he grabbed the real thing from your hand and run away.

Download Personal Safety App on your Smartphones: You can download free personal safety apps on your Android or iOS based Smartphones that are available at Google’s Play Store or App Store respectively. In just one touch, these apps allow its users to send an alert to a crisis management agent or emergency services, whenever they find themselves in distress. Some of them also have an option where a user can send the detailed information of his/her current location based on real time GPS tracker. These apps are easy to access regardless of age. Therefore, before planning to travel across an unknown location, every traveler should download and install one of these apps.

Have a Survival Kit: Which might include many things like medical supplies, dried fruits, nuts; meat and water, if something unplanned happen. The tools in the survival kit vary according to your trip and the potential dangers or threats you may face.

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